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Sweet Yogurt Cups

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

You've probably got all the ingredients on hand for these yummy Sweet Yogurt Cups!


½ cup of sugar

3 tbsp water

4 cup milk

1 cup powdered milk

½ cup plain yogurt


1. Bring the sugar to a boil in a pot with water while continuously stirring until lightly caramelized

2. Stir in regular milk along with powdered milk

3. Remove from heat after bringing to a boiling point

4. Let it cool down to a lukewarm temperature and stir occasionally to prevent the formation of the top layer

5. Add plain yogurt that has been hung for 1 hour

6. Mix well using a whisk

7. Distribute the sweet yogurt into small clay pots and seal with aluminum foil paper

8. Place the clay pots on a round tray then wrap with a towel that will sit on top of a wire pan stand inside a large ceramic pot

9. Put on lowest heat for 2-3 hours with lid on

10. Remove from heat and best served cold

11. Ready to Enjoy!


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