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Tandoori Fish Taco

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

With the mouth-watering, sour-spicy Tandoori Fish stuffed in crispy Taco shell, this Tandoori Fish Taco is the treat you would want.


Fish Taco

1 ½ lb. haddock

½ tsp red chili

½ tsp coriander

½ tsp roasted cumin

½ tsp garam masala

¼ tsp turmeric

½ tsp salt

½ tsp lime juice

½ tsp garlic paste

¼ cup plain yogurt

2 tbsp tomato puree

1 tsp cooking oil

1 tbsp ap flour

4 tortillas


2 medium tomato

¼ cup red onion

¼ cup fresh coriander

1 garlic clove

1 green chili

1 tsp lime


3 tbsp mayonnaise

2 tbsp sour cream

1 tbsp hot sauce

½ tsp roasted cumin

¼ tsp salt

1 tsp lime


1. Cut the fish fillet into strips

2. In a bowl, mix in red chili, coriander, roasted cumin, garam masala, salt, turmeric, lime juice, garlic paste, plain yogurt, tomato puree, cooking oil, and ap flour

3. Add the fish strips and mix well

4. Fry in cooking oil until golden brown then remove from heat

5. Add chopped tomatoes in a bowl along with chopped onions, fresh coriander, minced garlic, and green chili

6. Mix well and squeeze lime juice

7. Prepare the sauce by mixing mayonnaise, sour cream, hot sauce, roasted cumin, lime juice, and salt

8. Place fish, sauce, and toppings to the center of the flour tortillas

9. Ready to Enjoy!


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