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Recipe of Aloor Singara

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

An easy and quick way to make delicious Aloor Singara to go with your favorite chutney!

Here is what you'll need:

Plain flour/Maida 2 cups

Salt 1/2 tsp

Cooking oil 5 tbsp

Coldwater 1/2 cup

Boiled potato 3

Red chili 2 pcs

Panch Phoron 1 tsp

Coriander seeds 1 tsp

Green chili 3 pcs

Sliced ginger 1 tsp

Peanut 2 tbsp Instructions:

For Singara Dough:

1. In a large plate or a bowl take plain flour/maida, salt, 5 tablespoons of cooking oil.

2. Mix the flour with your hand till you get a breadcrumb-like consistency.

3. When you press a portion of the mixture, it should hold together and not crumble (as shown in the video).

4. Add cold water as required to make a smooth and tight dough (approx 1/2 cup).

5. Rest the dough for 30 min.

For the stuffing:

1. In a pan roast red chilies, panch phoron, coriander seeds and grind them using mortar and pestle.

2. Pound 1 teaspoon of ginger and green chili also using mortar and pestle

3. Heat 2 tablespoon of oil, add peanuts, green chili-ginger mix, chili panch phoron and coriander mix, a little bit of turmeric, half-boiled potato cubes, and salt to taste.

Frying Singara:

1. Heat oil over medium heat.

2. Turn over frequently and maintain low heat.

3. Enjoy!


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