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Popular Bengali Sweets Soft Chana Mishti

In this recipe, we show you how you can make this popular Chana misti (sweets) like the one you have at restaurants. Very simple and cost-effective way you can make these popular Bengali sweets at home.


(For flour mixture)

Plain Flour 1 tbsp

Water 2 tbsp

(For Chana)

Water 4 cups

White Vinegar 1/4 cup

Whole Milk 1 litre

Sugar 1/4 cup


  • Heat the milk in a deep bottomed sauce pan and bring to boil.

  • Add flour mixture

  • Add the vinegar slowly to curdle the milk.

  • Once the milk is fully curdled and the green whey has been released. Place the cheese cloth on a strainer and slowly drain the whey out.

  • Keep the chana under cool running water for a few seconds (this will remove any smell of lime).

  • Tie the ends of the cloth and hang for an hour.

  • Place the Chana in a pan

  • Add the sugar and cook for 5-6 min med heat.



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