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How To Make Chicken Lollipops Recipe

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Learn how to make Chicken Lollipop, a popular and delicious Chicken Starter recipe with step by step instructions.


For marination:

Chicken wings 14-16 pcs

Salt ½ tsp

Pepper ½ tsp

Ginger paste 1 tsp

Garlic paste 1 tsp

Soy sauce 1 tsp

Red chili powder 1 tsp, kashmiri

For batter:

Cornflour ¼ cup

Flour ½ cup

Garlic powder ½ tsp

Red chili 1½ tsp

Salt ½ tsp

Water ½ cup + 2 tbsp


1. In a bowl add all the marinade ingredients and chicken wings and mix well.

2. Marinate the wings for 15-30 min.

3. In a separate bowl add cornflour, plain or all purpose flour, garlic powder, red chili (kashmiri for color), salt and water and mix until smooth without lumps.

4. Dip the meat end of the chicken lollipops into the batter.

5. In a medium-sized pot, heat the oil to 170˚C (340˚F). Deep fry the chicken for 6-7 minutes or until the batter becomes golden brown and the chicken is cooked throughout.

6. Enjoy!


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