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Chepa Shutki Bhorta / চেপা শুঁটকি ভর্তা

By overwhelming request ..our version of Chepa Shutki Bhorta. This dry fish bhorta is widely popular for its distinct smell and is deliciously hot & spicy.

Served best with steaming white plain rice.


Chepa Shutki / চেপা শুঁটকি 6 pcs

Garlic / রসুন কাটা 1/2 cup

Onion chopped / পেঁয়াজ চপ 2 cups

Green chilli / কাঁচা মরিচ 6-8 pcs

Mustard oil / সরিষা তেল 1 tbsp

Salt to taste / স্বাদ অনুযায়ী লবণ


  • Add oil to a non-stick fry pan, cook the shutki for 2-3 minutes on each side. Chepa shutki cooks very fast and can stick to the pan so make sure to use a non-stick fry pan. Remove onto a bowl, let it cool down.

  • Add little oil to the heated pan and add chopped onions. Saute over medium flame until they turn lightly golden. Remove and set aside.

  • Roast the green chilli and garlic on the same pan for 2 minutes, add little oil if needed. Stir and saute until they are slightly roasted.

To make bhorta, you can use a blender, pester and morta or even a sheel pata. It's really down to what you feel is convenient and easy to use! All the elements of the dish is soft and can be used in either of the appliances.

  • Grind the shutki with a little salt. The bones have soften as well so you can go ahead and include them as well.

  • Add green chilli, chopped onions, sliced garlic and 1 tbsp of mustard oil. Grind them all together to make a pasty bhorta texture.

  • If you want to make the bhorta less runny, use half the quantity of onions. You'll have a rough pasty texture. You can also alter other ingredients similarly to your liking.

  • There are no coriander leaves added in this recipe only because we feel it reduces the shutki smell. You can add it and give it a try, let us know how you like it :) !

Serve with hot plain white rice. Enjoy!


  • Chepa shutki has a strong pungent smell and if you're not a fan, add a good amount of onions, green chilli and garlic to the recipe. It will help reduce the smell and make a tasty bhorta.



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