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Bread Pudding

A quick and easy homemade dessert for both warm and cold sweet treats! Great way to use up stale left over bread and adapt to however you like.


Butter 50 g

Bread slices 5 pcs

Eggs 2

Whole milk 2 cups

Sweet condensed milk 100ml

Almond slices


  • Pre-heat oven to 160°C

  • Grease the baking dish with butter. You can use any oven-proof baking dish.

  • Trim the edges of bread slices and cut into half diagonally.

  • Smear butter on each side and pan fry the slices for couple minutes to get a golden brown toasted color.

  • Place and arrange the toasted bread slices in the baking dish. If you have a large baking dish, you can layer the bread slices.

  • In a mixing bowl, beat 2 eggs and add whole milk, sweet condensed milk. Mix well.

  • Pour milk mixture into the baking dish. Make sure to soak all bread slices by patting them down in the mixture.

  • Sprinkle almond slices on top

  • Bake for 30-40 minutes at 160°C / 320°F

Serve it as a dessert alongside fresh fruits or a scoop of an ice cream. Enjoy!



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