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Bhapa Pitha


Rice Flour 2 cups

Water (lukewarm) - 3/4 cup

Salt to taste

Coconut grated

Jaggery crushed

Flour mixture

  • In a bowl, add rice flour with salt. Add water in little amounts at a time, to dampen the flour. Mix it well so all flour is wet/moisture. Keep it aside for 15 minutes.

  • Shift the flour mix using a strainer. Set it aside.

Prepare cheese cloth

Take water in a separate bowl and soak the cheese cloth used to make the pitha. Do this every-time you make the pitha. Squeeze the excess water before using the cloth. This technique helps the flour mix to not stick to the cheese cloth.


  • Add water in a large saucepan (fill upto 1/4 of saucepan) and cover it with aluminum foil (add double layer so it does not tear apart). Make few holes towards the center of the foil.

  • Cover the pan with lid and start boiling the water at medium heat.

  • Use any plastic cup to make your bhapa pitha, you can also use a dipping sauce cup. Fill the base of the cup with flour mix, add a layer of jaggery and grated coconut in between and then add another layer of flour mix. Pat the mix to nicely fit in the cup

  • Once the water is boiling, cover the cup with the damp cheese cloth, carefully flip over the cup and place it on top of the holes on the foil. Close the lid of the pan and let it steam cook for 5 mins.

  • Once done, carefully place the pitha on a plate, unwrapping the cheese cloth.

  • Repeat the procedure for next pitha



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