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The Juiciest Chicken Breast

This is a perfect recipe to add to your weekly meal prepping list.



2 chicken breasts

¾ tsp salt

1 tsp ground coriander

¾ tsp cumin

½ tsp red chili

¾ tsp garam masala

1 tsp garlic paste

1 tsp ginger paste

2 tbsp plain yogurt

1 tsp lime juice

2 tbsp mustard oil

1 tbsp butter

1 tsp lime juice

1 tbsp fresh coriander

Dipping Sauce

½ cup yogurt

8 mint leaves

½ tsp roasted cumin

1 tbsp sliced cucumber

1 tbsp fresh coriander


1. Place the chicken breasts in a bowl

2. Coat it with salt to taste, ground coriander, roasted cumin, red chili, garam masala, garlic paste, ginger paste, plain yogurt, lime juice, and mustard oil

3. Marinate the chicken for a minimum of 2 hours

4. Drizzle cooking oil in a hot pan

5. Place chicken and cook for 7 minutes on low to medium heat

6. Flip the chicken and cook for another 6 minutes

7. Add butter, lime juice and fresh coriander

8. Remove the chicken breasts from heat and let it rest for 2 minutes before cutting to serve

9. Prepare dipping sauce by mixing yogurt with finely chopped mint leaves and coriander, roasted cumin, and thinly sliced cucumbers

10. Ready to enjoy!


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