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Mouthwatering Moglai Chicken | Tasty Chicken Curry

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

You'll Want To Make this chicken curry Again And Again 😋.

Here is what you'll need!

For marinade:

Chicken 1 kg

Salt 1 tsp

Lime juice 1 tsp

Plain yogurt (tok doi) 1/2 cup

Garlic-Ginger paste 1 tbsp

Turmeric 1/2 tsp

For gravy:

Cooking oil 4 tbsp ( oil from fried onions)

Shah jeera 1 tsp

Cinnamon 2, cardamom 5, cloves 5 , bay leaves 2 black pepper 8

Coriander powder 1 tbsp

Red chili powder 1 tsp

Cumin powder 1 tsp

Nut paste (cashew 12, almond 12)

Fried onions(beresta) 1.5 cups

Cream 1/2 cup

Green chili 4-5 pcs


1. In a bowl add chicken , salt, lime juice, plain yogurt, turmeric and ginger-garlic paste and mix it well. let it marinate for 30 minutes.

2. Take a heavy bottom pan and add oil and let it heat. Once, the oil is hot enough, add shah jeera, whole garam masala and fry for a minute until fragrant. Then add the chicken pieces to it and saute for 10 min.

3. Add coriander powder, red chili and cumin and fry for another 5 min.

4. Now add nut paste and mix well. Add fried onion and fry for another 5 min.

5. Add 1.5 cups of water and (salt if needed), let it cook for 15 min over med-low heat (stir occasionally).

6. Now take off the cover and add cream, fried onions and green chili . Cook for another 5 min.

7. Enjoy!



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