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Flavor Packed Tomato Bhorta

Simple ingredient serious flavor


Charred Tomato

7 tomatoes

1 tsp cooking oil

6-7 dry red chilies

7-8 garlic cloves

¾ tsp salt

3 tbsp red onion

3 tbsp fresh coriander

1 tbsp mustard oil

Cooked Tomato

4-5 tomatoes

2 tbsp onion

1 tsp salt

¼ tsp turmeric

¼ tsp coriander

2 tbsp lime juice

2 tsp oil

2 ½ cups water

1 garlic clove

3-4 green chilies

2 tbsp fresh coriander

2 tbsp lime juice

Instructions for charred tomato bhorta:

1. Roast dry red chilies in cooking oil for 2-3 minutes on low medium heat until crispy then remove from heat

2. Fry garlic loves for 5-6 minutes on low heat until soft then remove from heat

3. Fry tomatoes for 4-5 minutes on low heat until lightly charred

4. Remove charred tomatoes from heat and peel of the skin

5. Mash the dry red chilies, garlic, thinly sliced red onion, chopped fresh coriander, and tomatoes

6. Mix well with mustard oil and garnish with a slice of lemon and fresh green chili

7. Ready to enjoy!

Instructions for cooked tomato bhorta:

1. Add tomatoes to a pot along with sliced onions, salt, turmeric, coriander, lime juice, and oil

2. Pour water

3. Cover with lid and cook for 6 minutes

4. Add minced garlic, and green chilies

5. Cook for another 6 minutes

6. Finish off with fresh coriander and lime juice

7. Ready to enjoy!



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