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Easy Morog Pulao Recipe Anyone Can Cook

This chicken pulao is a perfect recipe to add to your weekend menu for dinner with family and friends


½ cup cooking oil

1 medium onion

2 bay leaves

1 black cardamom

3 cardamoms

5 cloves

½ tsp pepper

2 small cinnamons

1 ½ tbsp garlic paste

1 ½ tbsp ginger paste

1 ½ tbsp cashew paste

1 tbsp poppy seed paste

5-6 green chilies

1 tbsp raisins

¾ cup milk powder milk

1 cup hot water

½ tsp saffron

¼ cup hot water

8 chicken pieces

1 ½ tsp salt

½ tsp red chili

2 tsp kewra water

1 tsp white pepper

½ tsp cardamom powder

4 ½ cups hot water

2 tsp salt

1 tsp sugar

1 ½ tbsp ghee

4 cups-soaked rice

½ tsp saffron

¼ cup water


1. Using a large pot, stir thinly sliced onions in cooking oil until golden brown

2. Remove the fried onions from heat

3. Add bay leaves to the pot along with cardamoms, cloves, pepper, and cinnamons

4. Stir in garlic paste, ginger paste, cashew paste, poppy seed paste

5. Continue to stir and fry the paste for 1 ½ min

6. Pour a splash of water as needed

7. Add green chilies, raisins, milk, and saffron water

8. Place chicken pieces in the pot

9. Add salt to taste and red chili

10. Saute and cook for 20 minutes

11. Mix in kewra water, white pepper, and cardamom powder

12. Remove the chicken pieces and set aside

13. Pour in hot water into the pot

14. Add salt and sugar to taste

15. Add ghee and soaked rice

16. Place the chicken pieces back into the pot

17. Pour in saffron water

18. Cover with lid and cook for 25 minutes on low heat

19. Uncover and finish off with sprinkled fried onions before serving

20. Ready to enjoy!


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