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Begun Bhorta / Spicy Mashed Eggplant

You can't taste this dish and not fall in love with it! A widely popular dish from the bangladeshi cuisine, begun bhorta (spicy mashed eggplant) is an easy recipe packed with bold flavours cooked with aromatic roasted spices.

Enjoy this spoon licking begun bhorta with steaming hot rice.

begun bhorta


Eggplant / বেগুন 1/2 kg

Onion finely chopped / পেঁয়াজ চিকন কাটা 1/2 cup

Dry chilli / শুকনো লাল মরিচ 4 pcs

Salt to taste / স্বাদ অনুযায়ী লবণ

Mustard oil / সরিষা তেল 1.5 tbsp

Garlic / রসুন 5-6 cloves

Corainder leaves / ধনে পাতা as needed


  • Roast dry red chilli on a heated pan, cook time 2-3 minutes, until they are slightly burnt on all sides.

  • Wash and cut eggplant into thick slices. Rub mustard oil on each side of the slices and roast it on a heated pan, medium flame. Roast until the eggplant is soft. Add garlic cloves and allow it to roast on each side under closed lid. This should take 5-7 minutes.

  • Remove eggplant and garlic onto a separate plate and allow them to cool down before peeling the skin off the eggplant. Mash the eggplant using a masher in a separate bowl. Keep aside.

  • Mash by hand the remaining ingredients , roasted dry red chilli with salt as per taste, followed by chopped onions and roasted garlic. Add mustard oil and mix all ingredients well. Add mashed eggplant and coriander leaves, continue to mash until everything is thoroughly mixed.

Enjoy this dish best served with steaming rice. Enjoy!



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