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The Ultimate Desi Chicken Curry: A Flavor Journey You Won't Forget

Today, we're taking you on a culinary journey with our No Tomato, No Yogurt Chicken Curry Recipe! Yes, you read that right. No tomatoes and no yogurt, yet packed with authentic flavors that will make your tastebuds dance!

Historical Context: Did you know that tomatoes and yogurt weren't originally part of traditional Bangladeshi and Indian chicken curries? That's right! Tomatoes were introduced to the subcontinent in the 16th century by Portuguese traders, while yogurt became a popular ingredient much later. Our recipe pays homage to those times, focusing on spices and techniques that predate the use of tomatoes and yogurt.

Why You'll Love This Recipe:

  • Authentic Desi flavors, just like your grandma made it!

  • Simple ingredients commonly found in your kitchen.

  • Step-by-step video instructions for fool-proof cooking!

  • Perfect for those who have dietary restrictions or prefer a tomato and yogurt-free curry!


  • 3-4 tbsp mustard oil

  • 1/4 tsp salt (for potatoes)

  • 3-4 medium potatoes, cut into cubes

  • 1/4 tsp turmeric (for potatoes)

  • 2 bay leaves

  • 1 tsp cumin seeds

  • 3 dry red chilies, broken

  • 3 small onions, thinly sliced

  • 1/4 tsp salt (for onions)

  • 4 cloves

  • 4 cardamom pods

  • 2 small cinnamon sticks

  • 1 tbsp garlic paste

  • 1 tbsp ginger paste

  • 1½ tsp cumin powder

  • 1 tsp red chili powder

  • 1 tsp Kashmiri red chili powder

  • 1 tsp turmeric

  • 1 tsp coriander powder

  • 1 kg curry-cut chicken

  • 1 tsp salt (for chicken)

  • 6-7 green chilies

  • 1¾ cups hot water

  • Lime juice (a few drops)

Garam Masala Powder:

  • 2 cloves

  • 4 cardamom seeds


  1. Start with Potatoes: In a pan, heat 3-4 tbsp of mustard oil until it smokes. Add 1/4 tsp of salt and cubed potatoes. Sprinkle 1/4 tsp of turmeric and fry them until light brown. Once browned, set them aside.

  2. Spice Time: In the same pan and oil, add 2 bay leaves, 1 tsp cumin seeds, and 3 broken dry red chilies. Sauté for 30-50 seconds until aromatic.

  3. Onion Magic: Add thinly sliced onions and 1/4 tsp of salt. Sauté until they turn light brown. Toss in 4 cloves, 4 crushed cardamoms, and 2 cinnamon sticks.

  4. Garlic & Ginger: Add a splash of water, followed by 1 tbsp each of garlic and ginger paste. Sauté for 30-40 seconds.

  5. Spice it Up: Add another splash of water, followed by the cumin, red chili, Kashmiri red chili, turmeric, and coriander powders. Mix well.

  6. Add Chicken: Add 1 kg of curry-cut chicken and 1 tsp of salt. Coat the chicken well with spices and cover for 2 minutes on medium-high heat.

  7. Open & Sauté: Remove the cover and sauté for 6-7 minutes until the spices separate from the oil. Toss in 6-7 green chilies.

  8. Water & Cook: Add 1¾ cups of hot water, cover, and cook on medium heat for 15 minutes. Stir occasionally.

  9. Potatoes In: After 15 minutes, add the fried potatoes and mix well. Cover and cook until potatoes are tender (around 10 minutes).

  10. Fresh Garam Masala: In a mortar and pestle, grind 2 cloves and 4 cardamom seeds to a powder.

  11. Final Touch: Uncover, add the ground garam masala and a few drops of lime juice. Mix well, cover, and let it rest for 5 minutes off the heat.

Serve hot with roti or rice, and enjoy one of the best chicken curries you'll ever have!

Enjoy cooking, and let us know how it turns out!


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