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IBM Cloud Pak for Automation 20.0 delivers


Category:Managed file transfer software Category:2018 softwareQ: Oracle Listagem de coluna em select com o Join Eu tenho o seguinte código: create table tabela_01 (col1 integer, col2 integer); insert into tabela_01 values (1, 2); insert into tabela_01 values (3, 4); create table tabela_02 (col1 integer, col2 integer, col3 varchar2(10)); insert into tabela_02 values (1, 2, '1'); insert into tabela_02 values (3, 4, '5'); create view v_01 as select t.col1 from tabela_01 t left join tabela_02 l on t.col1 = l.col1; select * from v_01; Saida dessa consulta: 2 4 Quando eu tento listar a coluna que eu os critérios do select, com o join, eu não consigo: create view v_02 as select col3 from tabela_01 t left join tabela_02 l on t.col1 = l.col1; select * from v_02; Saida: ORA-00904: "COL3": invalid identifier Obs.: Eu tentei utilizar o próprio problema, mas ele deu o mesmo erro. A: Para listar os campos na tabela_02 lista de verdadeiros erros o mais lógico é utilizar o utilidade: SQL> select * from tabela_02 where 1=2; 2 / select * from tabela_02 where 1=2 * ERROR at line 1: ORA-00904: "1": invalid identifier Repare que no campo '1' não teria um identificador e assim seria suprimido. Mais: SQL> select * from tabela_02; 2 /

References External links Homepage of IBM Content Services Category:IBM software Category:Content management systems Category:Cloud applicationsMicroRNA-128 regulates brain tumor growth by targeting hedgehog signaling. Emerging evidence supports that tumor microenvironment (TME) governs tumor cell proliferation and metastasis by regulating cellular microRNA (miRNA) expression. To identify the TME-regulated miRNAs to help elucidate pathogenesis of brain cancer, the levels of miRNAs in TME and in patient serum were compared. We report that miR-128 is upregulated in tumor microenvironment of multiple brain tumors as compared to their normal brain counterparts. This microRNA targets the hedgehog (HH) signaling components, PTCH-1 and SMO. Anti-miR-128 drastically inhibits the expression of HH signaling components and attenuates the in vitro growth of tumor cells, suggesting that miR-128 might regulate tumor growth by modulating HH signaling. Thus, targeting tumor microenvironment-regulated miRNAs might be a promising approach for treatment of brain tumors.Widespread expression of interleukin-2 receptor p55alpha chain and interleukin-2 receptor p75 chain on T cells at the first histocompatibility antigen-driven response in mice. A detailed analysis of the expression of cell-surface molecules on gammadelta T cells stimulated in vitro showed that the repertoire of gammadelta T cells that responded to foreign antigen was a set of T cell receptors bearing a gammadelta TCR specific for self peptides presenting in the context of MHC class I and II. The majority of the gammadelta TCR(+) cells expressed the T cell receptor (TCR) alpha and beta chains, whereas few cells were CD4(+) CD8(+) double-positive cells. Some gammadelta T cells expressed IL-2R p55alpha chain and IL-2R p75 chain. In particular, the majority of IL-2R p55alpha chain(+) cells also expressed IL-2R p75 chain. Thus, the response in vivo at the first histocompatibility antigen-driven response was highly biased, consisting predominantly of gammadelta T cells expressing the interleukin-2 receptor alpha-chain but few CD4(+) CD8(+) double-positive T cells expressing the interleukin-2 receptor.Q: HTML Tables - Layout of Fixed Width Tables for Use in

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation 20.0 delivers

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